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why does this router smell of poo?

why does this router smell of poo? published on No Comments on why does this router smell of poo?

It’s commonly accepted that ISPs want to save a dime. They will cut corners everywhere they can in trying to do so.

Some are worse than others, and everyone does their cost-cutting in different areas.

AT&T, I’m pleased to share, cuts corners by not disabling the modem MAC, instead they filter ports. Stop paying AT&T, and use a VPN, as long as the equipment is hooked up, you’re good.

TWC/Spectrum, it turns out, ships crap equipment. Woefully outdated, undersecure, hunk of shit equipment. I’m not saying this out of anger, though it did cost me nearly $200 to fix a problem they keep causing.

You see, TWC has bought an assload of “Techi-color” router/gateways. These are absolutely garbage devices. While they are technically compatible with everything else, they simply suck. The gateway routinely drops its downstream, the wireless AP half has nothing to show for range or security configuration. Hell, the administrative control panel built into it won’t even let you set a proper password (special characters are not allowed).

So, if you have a crap ISP, buy your own modem/gateway device and your own AP. In the span of an hour, and after a short phone call, everything is running like it should. This is the first time I’ve felt like I wasn’t being robbed of the service I paid for.

The punchline is, TWC still can’t fix this themselves. They offered to send me another modem/gateway. Allegedly a different manufacturer. What I received today was the same manufacturer… 2 models back! They didn’t even send me a newer one! They have offered to send a field tech out, ship me equipment, and more. The actual solution that we’ve put in place today is network gear built by a network gear company.

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