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net neutrality

net neutrality published on No Comments on net neutrality

I try to avoid putting too many directly political things here. Instead of saying here what side is right or wrong, I’m going to provide a few simple facts that will help you to make your own decisions.

The internet is an amalgam of networks, both private and public.

Currently, your ISP is disallowed from restricting or slowing access to legal, legitimate web content based on their own whims. This is because of regulations/legislation enacted in 2015.

Should this change, your ISP can block access to perfectly legitimate sites, and they are not required to tell you why. They would be able to demand any amount as an “access fee” for these sites.

In short, the removal of net neutrality means that you may not be able to facebook from your phone reliably. You may not be able to check your email while travelling, or you may not be able to access small, independently run sites such as this without paying additional fees to your ISP.

This is nothing more than a poorly-shrouded attempt at extortion, and it must be stopped.

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