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a zillion and one uses

a zillion and one uses published on No Comments on a zillion and one uses

I’ve posted about the humble Raspberry Pi before. A mighty-mouse computer, the size of a credit card or package of small candies. Despite its small size, a quad-core 1.0+ gHz computer that runs linux.

You can use it for a small webserver.
…or a small FTP server
…or a security camera
…or to track network conditions
…or make a duct-cleaning rover robot.

The thing is, with 40 pins of general-purpose I/O, Linux, and on-board WiFi, $35USD seems like they’re just giving them away. I’m not complaining, I’ve used these little buggers for every purpose I can think of and bring to at least some state of completion.

So, if you’ve not yet played with one, get a Raspberry. Pick your size, and start tinkering!

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