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captain hack testifies in open hearing

captain hack testifies in open hearing published on No Comments on captain hack testifies in open hearing

Former CIA director Brennan testified today before the US federal government regarding Trump/Russia collusion.

The CIA director at the head of the ship when it came to light that US intelligence is literally hacking everything on the planet that they can. If you’re interested in cyberwarfare stuff that the Russians might have, he’s yer guy… sure.

To be perfectly frank, the conversation at times struck me as a near-schizophrenic discourse of “someone’s fucking with us! who? that guy! how do you know? it’s that guy!”

Sad, but not out of the ordinary. We’re still a young nation, and I fear that our problems have led us to a state of drug-addled teenager-like psychosis. The intelligence community continues to claim that Russia specifically is our largest nemesis in their field. That may be true, but I’m curious… Didn’t the cold-war end?

You see, from what I can tell, Russia is not a Communist nation. The hearing repeatedly circled to “defending and spreading democracy” in so many words. They’re a federation, with a constitution, laws, and relatively free economy. I offer wikipedia as a first glance, even though you really can’t trust anything on the internet 100%

All of the circle-talk leads to one thing that I took from this hearing. There is apparently actual intelligence (not evidence, they were clear about that) that Russia may have tried to interfere with our election process. If this were true, it is a big deal. However, it also shows that we absolutely suck at information security.

These hearings drag on and on for hours with seemingly nobody really focusing on that last point. Ah, government.

EDIT: Mr. Heck spoke very eloquently to that point later in the hearing.

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