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Dugway, Utah
Dulce, New Mexico
Groom Dry Lake

What do these locations have in common? They are reportedly related to U.F.O. and E.T. research.

They all also fit the conditions for testing something you don’t want in the public eye.

The Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, NM is off of a state highway in what most folks would call “the middle of nowhere”, just south of the NM/CO line. Interestingly, there is no visible base or landing area here. UFO folk say that the base is underground, tunneled right into the rock of the mesa itself. No such hole is visible directly, but there is a small lake/pond atop the mesa. Remember, ICBM missile silos are sometimes concealed under a false lake/pond. Additionally, there have been reports that local Native Americans do not venture atop this particular mesa, due to strange happenings.

Dugway, Utah. Surrounded by BLM land that extends beyond the confines of Utah as a state. The Dugway Proving Grounds have been a fixture in American Military Operations for years. Again, far from what most folks would call civilization. Dugway is a full base, with an airfield sufficiently large enough to support returning space-glider (space shuttle) type landings. Reports have been that in recent years, security and infrastructure have grown rapidly at this base.

Groom Dry Lake Bed, Nevada is a dry lake bed in the middle of a missile and bomb testing range. It’s fairly widely accepted that in the middle of the 20th century, the CIA, USAF, DNI, and other organizations developed an air-field on the dry lake bed for testing purposes. Reports recently have been that activity spotted around this location has become more irregular. It’s theorized by some that many projects formerly housed here may have been moved to Utah.

The Archuleta Mesa near Dulce is one that I find a little harder to swallow, even given the overwhelming number of theories, reports, and bits of information seemingly floating around regarding this deep underground base. Wikipedia has a good rundown of what is generally theorized about it.

Groom Lake was, and remains part of a missile, bomb, and experimental weapons test range. It’s inhospitable terrain, miles from anything, and has a HUGE flat spot to land/take-off from. I can accept that this is a black projects base. I can accept that they developed some really cool military toys there. As for whether we reverse-engineered Marvin The Martian’s saucer there, who knows?

Dugway is the proving grounds. It really is that simple. Special Forces, black projects, weapons development testing, etc etc. It’s the place to see if your new military toy works. There’s nothing so secret about what they do at Dugway. It’s the proving grounds, duh. But, the specifics of what goes on there are very very secret. It’s been rumored that black helicopters known for “running off” lookee-loo’s around Dugway will sometimes bear tail flash for Hill Air Logistics Complex, near Ogden Utah. Ogden is about 130 miles from Dugway, well within the range of most modern aircraft. Additionally, Hill ALC publicly declares that they are a Minuteman-iii ICBM site.

This whole thing rapidly turns into a web of threads that point in a sort of foggy, semi-crazed way at “there’s something going on”. I personally don’t think we’re alone in existence. To think this tiny mudball hurtling through space is the only thing in the whole of existence that has life on it… that’s vain as fuck. If, and that’s a big if… IF beings from another world made it here, crashed, and we picked up the pieces; any one of these locations or others would be well suited to figuring out what we had picked up.

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