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finally got it!

finally got it! published on No Comments on finally got it!

The 3d printer is once again a filament-eating machine.

Turns out, the internet was wrong. You see, an xbox 360 psu gives out about 17A on a 12v rail. That’s not bad, but it’s not enough for the connector losses, my shoddy wiring, and the heaters.

Just one of the cool things you can make with a 3d printer. I whipped these little guys up in SCAD (technically GraphSCAD) in a few minutes. They take about 30 minutes or so to print, and I have white and black filament available. TADA! Cards Against Humanity card trays. They’re also lightweight and cheap.

Here it is, finally running smoothly again, printing another card box. As I write this, it’s printing a bunch of 28mm scale Warhammer 40k Space Marines (some assembly required).

So, back to the final bug that was driving me nuts. As I said, poor at best wiring/soldering, innate connector losses, and a wimpy PSU… Every time it tried to turn the bed heater on, it would start pulsing the steppers. Seemingly random X and Y axis shift that had nothing to do with either. Seriously, almost drove me mad.

The funny thing is, it prints ABS better without a heated bed. Just a shot of hairspray on the bare metal bed and off you go. It’s crazy. The heated bed caused more severe curling and more difficulty with first layer adhesion. Sounds crazy, I know. Right now, I’m running some Hatchbox 1.75mm white PLA through it at 180 to 190, and it zips right along making things.

I’ve downloaded a bunch of stuff, plated up a bunch of stuff, now it’s just time to let the machine run and wait until something else needs attention. Oh, and a little celebration isn’t out of line.

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