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rub some salt in that

rub some salt in that published on No Comments on rub some salt in that

So Rust is a pretty great game. Fully addicting with tons of replay value. If you haven’t tried it, the best description I can give is “Naked & Afraid: The Home Game”.

You start naked, half-starved, with a rock and a torch. Not a flashlight, a proper stick wrapped in oil-slicked burlap.

If you join any one of the majority of servers, you’ll likely experience a short and startling existence. Someone will bludgeon you to death with their rock, or someone who managed to survive long enough will shoot you full of holes. Maybe you’ll get to run around and gather enough wood to make a campfire… Until a bear charges your camp around 2am and eats you. Perhaps you’ll even get to spear a boar, right before it gores you to death with its tusks.

I know, it sounds like a pretty frustrating game. Here’s the trick. There are servers that don’t permit “KOS” or Kill On Sight. Meaning, you can’t just haul off and blow someone away for no reason. This gives you that tiny bit more peace of mind

Eliminating people just randomly killing you. Check. Now to surviving the world. Remember, you’re naked and only have a rock and torch for self-defense. There are still bears, wolves, boar, freezing temperatures, drowning, falling from a height, desert sun, starvation, and honest to god raiders to avoid. Oh, and I forgot, radiation. That’s right, some parts of this world are so radioactive you cannot visit without protective equipment.

Now, that’s still a rather frustrating game. Bear in mind (no pun intended) that it is billed as a “hardcore survival title”. They’re not fucking around, either. It’s still in alpha, but actually pretty well polished so far. It’s $19.99 on Steam and if you’re stubborn enough, it’s a LOT of fun.

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