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updat… no, upgrad…. no… ‘news’?

updat… no, upgrad…. no… ‘news’? published on No Comments on updat… no, upgrad…. no… ‘news’?

Quick upda… no… a bit of news, both personal and not.

I’m traveling this weekend for work, posting from the hotel wifi (ugh). Just me, the macbook of doom, and for some bizarre reason a double hotel room.

Firsts for me, real White Castle burgers. They are good, I must admit. Shame they haven’t expanded to my home turf, it would sell like crazy (especially around the Deep Ellum area). Cold Stone Creamery. I know they’re everywhere, but I’ve never tried it until today. HOLY MOTHER, ice cream can be like that?!

In the news, N. Korea has tested a hydrogen bomb they claim can be missile-delivered. Nutball Jr. seems intent on causing some drama. Our fearless leader, in response, has said that we may not do business with nations that also do business with N. Korea. Realistically, that can’t stand… EVERYTHING we buy for the last 40 years seems to be made in China.

Personally, I’m kinda hoping their crappy little bottlerockets go wrong on the launchpad and all of Pyongyang glows for years. But I’m kind of an asshole like that.

I’m also opening up a bit more to things I have shied away from in the past. Now that I am 100% legally free, unburdened by any past transgressions, I feel a little better about some things. I even took a “selfie”. Still hate that term, when I could just as easily say “I took a picture of myself enjoying white castle for the first time.”. See how much better that is, kids?

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