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seriously? (edited)

seriously? (edited) published on No Comments on seriously? (edited)

AT&T router vulnerabilities

Sorry for the short post today, I’m flying home around lunchtime. This article that I stumbled on via YNC blew my mind.

And here I thought TWC had dropped the ball by making their WPA keys out of BSSID and a few characters of garbage.

Turns out, AT&T wants to be the next Deutsch Telecom more than TWC.


Hey ISPs, stop doing this crap to your customers. I’m not going to be the one exploiting it, because I honestly have better shit to do. Doesn’t mean someone else smarter than me with more free time won’t do it.

I’ve arrived home safe, and checked the news again. About this whole North Korea thing… I’m cool with whatever happens. You crazy, chubby little fucker with a bad haircut.

I know it’s an easy jab to make fun of Kim Jong Il. I don’t fucking care, it’s fun and I hope something does happen. I’ve waited for a dramatic world-changing evening since I was 13.

bring it

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