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the beginning of the end

the beginning of the end published on No Comments on the beginning of the end

I have a problem. A big damned problem. We’re slowly letting ourselves be turned into coddled little crybabies.

Do you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time actively avoiding offending others? Is it possible that you’re really not that offensive of a person?

I’m going to tell you how I see things, in a matter-of-fact way. If it offends your sensitive little puss, or you get “triggered”, someone should slap the ever-loving dog shit out of you for being a waste of carbon.

We’re getting softer every year. Every time someone complains too much about how “they’re not being treated fairly”… everyone else gets trodden on. Guess what, life is usually not fair, people don’t treat each other nicely by default, and you’re not a special fucking snowflake… you’re a very tiny stain in the cosmos.

It goes so much further than that. Children get a “participation medal” or ribbon just for showing up. They don’t even have to fucking try any more, and they get praised. What the flying fuck? Not trying was cause for punishment a short decade ago. Now you get rewarded? How in the fuck are we ever going to accomplish anything more? Let me repeat part of that for the sperg-tards in the audience… Not trying means not succeeding, or maybe worse.

Do we really need to make laws about who pisses where? I’ve dated all over the sexuality spectrum. Hetero, homo, trans… Doesn’t bother me what’s betwixt yer legs, or what you call yourself. “People, not parts” is the saying that springs to mind. Perhaps it could be updated to “people, not pronouns”?

Do you really think humans would’ve accomplished any of the things we did in the 20th Century by crying about inane bullshit? I doubt it. That’s not to say we didn’t have problems, there were problems aplenty. But, we dealt with them and kept going. You didn’t see someone shut the fuck down, sobbing, or screeching because a person they hadn’t met before said “hello”.

I’m going to ask nicely once, for all of you to knock this shit the fuck off. After that, I’m going to make it my mission in life to push your autistic little fucking buttons until you self-destruct.

Why? Because it’s more amusing for me that way.

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