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games you can play with your snake

games you can play with your snake published on No Comments on games you can play with your snake

Been playing with pygame again, also the compilers and looking at the SDK/NDK/compiler/linker/export process for Android.

So far, there is a world, full of blue blocks. Blocks that shamble towards you, silently.
One lone red block stands against them, armed with a magic machinegun, this red block will gleefully mow through their numbers.

1) Unpack the tar archive
2) Choose your own adventure:
option a) run the python script (if you have python and pygame)
option b) run the binary (if you trust me enough for that)
option c) pore over the code, laugh at how bad it is, then run the script to see how it does…
3) arrow keys + mouse

1000 “frags” or points in either direction ends the current game.
Each level increase gives a multiplier (both to score and penalty)


Download: blockwar.tar.gz

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