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dear santa…

dear santa… published on No Comments on dear santa…

I know I’m asking early, but this is a tall order. Even for a magical elf (formerly an angry old friar), this one is a doozy.

Please inspire others to read with comprehension as the goal.

Forget the truck, or a new 3d printer. I’m even scratching nuclear-powered aircraft-carrier off the list this year, if you can just give me that one thing. You see, Mr. Jolly… I’ve run into a frighteningly large number of people who either can’t, or won’t read with comprehension as the goal. It causes me a lot of consternation, and I’d really appreciate it if you could help me out here.

I just want them to read, and understand what they’re reading. I’ve simplified the material down to about 8th grade, and the majority are still lost. I’ll even put out some of these awesome basil-lime cookies for you (and maybe some tequila, cause… well, it’s a helluva lot more fun than milk).


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