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the truth is (or might be) out there

the truth is (or might be) out there published on No Comments on the truth is (or might be) out there

So, I’ve always been a fan of UFO and “alien” stories. E.T. was a favorite movie as a kid. Any time there was a documentary or special on about aliens, UFOs, Area 51, or something related… I was glued to the family teevee.

There’s a wealth of information, tons of rabbit holes to explore. On Youtube alone, you can find scores of documentary-format videos on these topics. Typically if you select a good one, and let it play through to the next video, you are treated to an unending stream of tinfoil-hat infotainment. That’s not to say that I think all of these folks are Reynolds(tm) Haberdashers, I believe there is some truth in all of the noise. It’s up to the viewer to squelch to the appropriate level.

Ten things I actually believe so far from years of being fascinated by this subject:

1) We are not alone in the whole of existence. We’re not even really that intelligent, if you give it a moments thought.

2) We are far, far away from most other things we would consider “life”. Further than our best space vehicles can manage, in short: rockets won’t do it.

3) Far, far away does not mean impossible. Various theories in various physics disciplines point towards entirely possible… if we can work out the cost (energy-cost).

4) It’s entirely possible other things we would consider “life” have made it here. If you look at part-b of #1, they likely avoid much contact with us directly… seeing how we’re primitive warlike talking apes.

5) Given #4 has happened, it’s possible that someone crashed on our planet, and/or landed here and was scooped away to a research location.

6) The obvious location is not always the best. “Area 51”, or Groom Dry Lake Research Airfield as I refer to it, is not a good location to experiment with anything unless it is supposed to be flying. It appears to be primarily an airfield, after all.

7) S4, or Papoose Lake Research Complex, exists. I believe this, nothing about it is outlandish. It could be a simple research facility for things like teleportation, modifying space-time (kinda the same thing) or other things we only think of as Science Fiction in the current accepted world-view.

8) I had a wild idea about a new way to launch orbital vehicles as a kid. It’s basically an electromagnetic linear accelerator, but on a miles scale, instead of feet. A location such as Papoose Lake Research Complex would be a good location to develop such.

9) Everyone overlooks Dugway. Why? It’s been the bioweapon research testing base for ages. This means they likely have the most advanced laboratories focused on living things that you’ll find.

10) As the first and second generation of workers from Groom and Papoose get old, and die… They come out with stories about what they saw. Bit by bit, the tinfoil-hat theories start to sound a little less crazy.

Beyond that, there are subtopics I’ve not even mentioned. Dulce Base at Archuleta Mesa, Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio, various other things as well. Speaking to teleportation, or modifying space/time/gravity, or any of the other things we don’t yet understand… I suggest you try reading Steven Hawking’s book “A brief history of time”. I’m no physics whiz, I nearly flunked it in High School. The parts of his book I did understand, they opened my eyes to how little even someone as sharp (and funny) as Prof. Hawking understands. The rabbit holes (there are many) go deep, and you can get completely fooled by a hoax. There were some papers allegedly leaked from Palo Alto regarding deciphering off-world writing. In the end, they were a fake. I’ll never get that two weeks of digging and research back… but I learned an important lesson in all of it. Believe nothing, read everything, spot correlations and contradictions as quickly as possible.

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