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stem education

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Here’s a rough syllabus of what I’d like to see kids learning in school now.

IBIS 101 – Introduction to Business Information Systems
Typing fundamentals, input/output.
Core concepts, CPU, Display, Peripherals.

The “Big Three”

Offer within the lab at least one example of each of the big three. Employ someone either competent in all three, or curious and savvy enough to become so as the instructor.

Each workstation could be a raspberry pi, or deprecated machines donated by local offices, re-kitted by volunteers.

Following this as a mandatory during later primary/early junior-high school, we can then require a similar course in high school as a prerequisite for higher education in technology fields. This simultaneously ensures a baseline reminder of the fundamentals before entering the workforce.

I think we’ll get there, someday. I just find a lot of people that haven’t known a world without the internet, but are still terrible at using it…. so I know we’re not there yet.

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