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There’s been a lot of buzz in tech press lately about the abuse game developers receive.

It’s not right, but it’s also not likely to stop. You see, you’re developing a game (a toy) that will likely be played with by a variety of people… including a percentage of hateful, vitriol-spewing commentards.

For the game developers, I’ll say this…

I love what you do, I’ve tried my hand at it numerous times… and it’s HARD. Remember when someone start throwing hate at you… You’re the better person, because you don’t go to their work and start yanking dicks out of their orifices.

Most of these kids (and some adults) are becoming disgustingly socially maladjusted because we’ve flooded their poor little synapses with crap like facebook, twitter, danTDM, and other drek. We, as a society, can’t be asked to take responsibility and ownership for messing up our own selves? Can’t be bothered to look at why we’re letting a vocal minority cause such problems? That’s pretty fucked up, right there.

Personally, if I learned that one of our kids was doing this, they wouldn’t see a computer screen for quite a while.

Now, the power of group outrage is real. I’m not trying to take that away. EA messed around with some stuff in one of their Star Wars titles recently, to the dismay of their customers. Funny thing is, the hate-spewing sperglords didn’t get a lot of attention from EA’s public relations and social media teams. Instead, they focused initially on the clear, well spoken explanations of why their decision was unpopular.

It would do all of us a lot of good to think of the public forum like a town-hall meeting. Don’t say what-the-fuck-ever you want, because you will be held accountable for what you say. Don’t suggest someone die in a fire, instead suggest they improve their craft (maybe even help, *gasp*).

We’ve become a bunch of impatient, spoiled, mean-spirited fuckheads… and we’re hurting each other because of it. Trolling is not fun, it’s not something done “fur das lulz” or anything else. It’s mean-spirited behavior. You have no way of knowing how your message will be interpreted or ‘felt’ thousands of miles of fiber away. You could ‘playfully’ tell someone to kill themselves because they’re not as good at a game as you. Would it hurt your heart to see their obituary the following week?

We, the developers, introverts, geeks, and generally nice folks need to take some sort of stand. Let our voices be heard, in all their mousy keyboard-clacking glory.
“We will not tolerate vitriol and hatred aimed at us for creating things.”
“We will not stand idly by as you abuse our compatriots.”
“We will let you thrash against the good in this world, and make yourself look foolish.”

I personally see a fair amount of this behavior on reddit. I’m a pretty rabid follower of a few early-release titles. I’ve taken it upon myself to stand up for the devs almost by default. Did I think the holiday content was a waste of their time? Yes, perhaps. Did I bitch them out about it? No… I enjoyed my giant candy cane and free shotshells, and waited until they create more cool stuff. Doesn’t matter if I like what they make or not. I haven’t lost the awe at someone’s ability to create a game.

Perhaps the end solution is to tell these hateful spack-tards “If you don’t like the developer’s work, go do it yourself and see where you get.”

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