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robot time again

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Building robots is a hobby of mine. Nothing super sci-fi or fancy, usually just a hacked toy RC car or similar.

The last one was a RC excavator. I ordered such online and modified it with an arduino.

While I got the RC excavator complete, with a remote, and I enjoyed driving it unmodified for a while, I did eventually hack it.

Now I’ve found this:

It was like $2.00 at the thrift shop, with no remote and no battery door.

I’ve taken the liberty of stripping it’s radio/driver board, and in-general tearing it down and rebuilding to figure it out. It caught my eye at the thrift shop because the bodyshell is similar to hobby RC cars.

It comes off with the removal of a few clips. This opens up the possibility of finding hobby bodyshells that fit well enough, to customize the rover.

It also has a link/shock suspension setup that permits ridiculous amounts of articulation.

The electronics box (center block in the second photo) is quite large. It will happily accommodate a raspberry pi.

Not entirely sure what to do with the little guy yet, but I’m thinking wifi-connected home rover, with potential for machine-vision (chasing the cats around). Maybe even a servo-turreted laser? I have some pwm controllers that speak i2c, so there’s virtually no limit to what it could be made to do.

First up on the shopping list for this project though, will be at least one hobby brushed motor esc, a battery/charger, and full-size servo.

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