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Mr. Musk is going to launch a car atop a rocket.

Maybe I’m being cynical, but… WHY!?

Here’s some numbers for the geeks:

A Tesla roadster weighs around 2870 lbs, give or take. Assuming all fluids have been drained for the voyage, it might be a little less.

A cubesat typically weighs less than 3 lbs.

That comes out to a little more than 900 cubesats. Giving yourself some wiggle room for the release/rack system in the cargo bay.

Again… WHY!? Throwing a car into space seems very wasteful when there is a waiting list sometimes multiple years in length to get your research payload up there. It’s kind of an insulting publicity stunt.

For a comparable salary to what I make now, plus the car they’re probably never going to see again, I would happily organize and manage a list of potential research payloads for this launch vehicle.

I’m not angry about it, just confused and sad. For someone that everybody considers very clever indeed, Mr. Musk seems quite the fool to me.

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