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computing for fun and profit

computing for fun and profit published on No Comments on computing for fun and profit

Let me start with this: If you can’t make these steps work, you’re own your own.

You’ll need a raspberry pi 3.

Burn Ubuntu Mate to the SD card
sudo apt-get install libcurl3 libgmp10 openssl libjansson
(some of these are probably already installed, and you actually want the dev packages too)
wget <- XMG miner (cpu-only mining currency) tar -xvpf 2.4.tar.gz cd m-cpu[tab] ./ && ./configure CFLAGS="-O3" CXXFLAGS="-O3" && make ...wait for shit to compile ...configure the miner, pick a pool and set to mining. Rinse. Repeat. Profit. 900mhz arm clock returns anywhere from 3 to 7 kH/s per raspberry pi for me. If you're clever, you can redirect the output from the miner to file. Monitoring that file across three different (same version) Raspberry Pi v3 (1.2) boards shows the following:

I don’t know why they return slightly different hashrates, they’re all identically configured and using matched SD cards and power supplies. I suppose no two would be exactly identical without a lot higher pricetag (matched components are often more expensive, look to RAM for an example).

The uptick in my hash-rate is miner #2 coming online.

protip: stop Xorg to free a bit of cpu time and memory.

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