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don’t buy the cheap shit

don’t buy the cheap shit published on No Comments on don’t buy the cheap shit

3d printing as a hobby has many pitfalls you can make.

Which printer? Do I get the cheap one, and hack/repair my way around cost-cutting? Do I get a really expensive one, and hope the firm that built it stays in business?

Do I buy expensive filament? Do I buy cheap/bulk filament?

Do I use a hotend designed this way, or that?

When it comes to filament, I had to learn the lesson that others have already warned about. Don’t bother with cheap filament.

I’m not going to name the brand, but I got 3 spools ~1kg each for what I normally spend on what I consider high-quality filament. Too good to be true!

I’ve had more jams, clogs, and other issues with this filament than anything else I’ve run in the machine. Can’t wait for my resupply of quality plastic, which is supposed to include a sample spool (200g) of TPU as well. I have no ide if I can make TPU work, but I’m going to try!

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