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an honest review

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The GeForce 1030GT is actually a solid card. I’ve had one in my workstation/gaming pc for a while now and I actually really like it.

Bear in mind, I’m not comparing it against any other cards in its generation… as I haven’t had a current-generation PC in some time.

Regardless, I am able to play current titles at resolutions that look amazing, with all the detail goodies I want turned on.

These can be had for dirt cheap if you look online, because they’re not super efficient at cryptocurrency mining. I’d recommend it if you’re having trouble finding a GPU that fits into a budget build.

i feel i gotta

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…post something here.

Fuck, I haven’t posted in so long that the server needed updates.

So… What to talk about? Video games?

Video games.

There’s a free to play game in beta on Steam. Crossout, think entirely made-up stock-market and faction warfare within a vehicle combat game, using post-apocalyptic vehicular legos and weapons. It’s a surprisingly complete game for being in beta, and has a full-featured market system and crafting table for the components used to build your ‘rig’.
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So, there’s this crazy video game, I played the free tech demo several years back.

I picked it up on steam on sale, and have enjoyed modding the shit out of it.

One request for the devs… network multiplayer.

Seriously, guys… Multiplayer rally, demo-derby, trucking sim, etc. It needs to happen.

This parking job would’ve been a helluva lot funnier if my friends could drive by and see it while rallying. That’s 170 to 180mph on two-lane blacktop in a fwd crapcan hatchback. I caught air and the car basically got impaled on a tree several feet in the air.


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Why do children insist on watching someone else play a video game? It doesn’t make any fucking sense.

I have a steam library with dozens of titles, a homelab with multiple VM’s, a macbook, two xboxes and more! There are probably half a dozen raspberry pi’s scattered around the house. You will never convince me that the tiny humans watch this crap out of a lack of available games.
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games you can play with your snake

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Been playing with pygame again, also the compilers and looking at the SDK/NDK/compiler/linker/export process for Android.

So far, there is a world, full of blue blocks. Blocks that shamble towards you, silently.
One lone red block stands against them, armed with a magic machinegun, this red block will gleefully mow through their numbers.
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rub some salt in that

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So Rust is a pretty great game. Fully addicting with tons of replay value. If you haven’t tried it, the best description I can give is “Naked & Afraid: The Home Game”.

You start naked, half-starved, with a rock and a torch. Not a flashlight, a proper stick wrapped in oil-slicked burlap.

If you join any one of the majority of servers, you’ll likely experience a short and startling existence. Someone will bludgeon you to death with their rock, or someone who managed to survive long enough will shoot you full of holes. Maybe you’ll get to run around and gather enough wood to make a campfire… Until a bear charges your camp around 2am and eats you. Perhaps you’ll even get to spear a boar, right before it gores you to death with its tusks.
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