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hilarity ensues

hilarity ensues published on No Comments on hilarity ensues

Tech Support: “What seems to be the problem?”
floz: “My internet is slow as heck.”
TS: “What kind of computer are you using?”
floz: “what?”
TS: “Windows or Mac?”
floz: “Neither… I mean, I have two windows machines, a macbook, and half a dozen linux machines. What do you need?”
TS: “We need to use the Windows machine.”
floz: “For what?”
TS: “We need to run a traceroute.”
floz: “dude… seriously? traceroute is cross-platform. It even runs on my router.”

my isp sucks

my isp sucks published on No Comments on my isp sucks

So… I’ve gone round and round with this company for months, while their service continues to degrade.

I’ve purchased a fair amount of kit, eliminating network issues on the LAN side, and carefully configuring each piece as I improve the overall system.

Yet, I still continue to have foolish damn problems with the connection.

The solution?

phase 1: automate network tests, record to .csv and publish on the web… also, share this with TWC via social media
web link: myispsucks!
phase 2: if phase 1 doesn’t get their attention, automate tweets to their service goons every time performance dips below a reasonable threshold.
phase 2b: shop the competition, and fire these idiots.

if i wanted to talk to a piss-poor AI…

if i wanted to talk to a piss-poor AI… published on No Comments on if i wanted to talk to a piss-poor AI…

…I would write one.

Stop robocalling me. Every one I get, I will intentionally try to navigate your prompts, get a person, and do everything in my power to destroy their morale.
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lord of the fleas

lord of the fleas published on No Comments on lord of the fleas

Children, at least all the ones I know, are tiny little savages.

If you’ve never read Lord Of The Flies, you should. The story indicates quite clearly why children are not allowed any real power.

It’s not insulting in this case to call children tiny savages. It is, rather, a statement of fact.
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